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Web hosting services that grow with your business

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Your website will normally mirror the growth of your business and that’s why you need web hosting services that can accommodate those changing requirements.

Start-ups and new businesses usually need to control costs carefully and match their web hosting specification so it copes with web traffic and other needs. If you use poor quality web hosting that is slow or unreliable then the cost to your business is usually much greater than the cost of using a good quality web host. As your business grows you’ll need web hosting that can cope with more web traffic and a website that has extra features.

What can web hosting services provide?

By web hosting we mean the following:

  • A web server that makes your website viewable on the Internet.
  • An associated email server that relays email messages to a particular email address.
  • A domain name service and registration that directs traffic to your website using your domain name.

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Break it down into constituent parts and the elements seem complicated, however your web hosting company should be able to take care of this for you. Your main concern as a website owner is getting your website online, being able to send and receive emails and maintaining the ownership of your domain name.

Different options for web hosting

It may or not come as surprise but web hosting comes in many different flavours, sizes and costs.

Most start-ups and small businesses will use shared web hosting. This is space on a web server that is shared by other websites to provide a cost-effective entry-level option that is still fit for purpose.

Our shared web hosting is generally very reliable with excellent uptime percentages (99.9%). Any issues that arise with the web hosting are normally resolved and fixed before anyone notices and any more serious problems are normally dealt with quickly.web hosting services

As your web traffic increases or your website requires specific hosting features then we can migrate your web hosting to Virtual Private Servers or a VPS.

These operate on a similar principle to the shared web hosting but are setup on web servers with higher specifications than the shared web hosting so can accommodate higher levels of web traffic. They can also enable more processing on the web server running special scripts or performing special tasks such as video streaming to multiple users or importing and displaying live data.

The next step up are Dedicated Web Servers that provide the ultimate performance for speed and reliability for very high traffic websites.

In addition all our web hosting services can provide the following as added extras:

  • Full snapshot backup and rollback service.
  • Enhanced mail boxes up to 10 GB.
  • Exchange email servers up to 30 GB.
  • SSL server certificates for running your websites under https.
  • Email virus scanning
  • Stop the hacker website hosting security.

Our shared web hosting prices start at £36 per year. Please visit our shop page to buy online – web hosting. You can also search for available and buy domain names on our page – Domain name search and buy.