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An effective domain name is a key part of the branding of your business; as important as your logo. It can describe your services with keywords or it can simply be your business name. You can use this page to try a domain name search to check availability and then buy from us online using the search box below.

Just type in your desired domain name and TLD (top level domain e.g. ‘’). So, for example type and click search. Just type in the domain name if you want to see the available TLDs.

After you have successfully found an available domain name, you will be able to click on the Order Now button that will appear and buy a year’s registration online:

Domain name search and buy

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Top Level Domain (TLD)Price per annum£10
Top Level Domain (TLD)Price per annum

Please get in touch with Dinesh on 07941 686113 or use our Contact form if you have any questions about domain names and hosting, and finally…

The Terms and Conditions you should actually read

Not because it’s a great feat of literature or entertaining (we did our best) but because by buying a domain name from us there are certain obligations and liabilities that you need to be aware. It’s nothing to catch you out just a set of principles:

  • we will purchase the domain on your behalf from an accredited third party supplier
  • you must renew the domain name registration with us otherwise it could lapse and be lost to you
  • if you do wish to transfer your domain name to another supplier we will cooperate fully to effect the transfer
  • we are not liable for any litigation related to your domain name

Visit our terms and conditions page here: Terms & Conditions