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Web Design Terms and Conditions for Web Growth Consulting Ltd

We have tried to keep things as simple as possible but for the purposes of these web design terms and conditions the following terms apply:

“You” – this means you, the client

“We or us” – refers to Web Growth Consulting, its employees and sub-contractors where appropriate.

“the project” – is the task of designing and building the website for you

Part 1: Project Details

1.1. When you agree to allow us to build a website for you we will build you a website using the WordPress Content Management System, Prestashop or a combination of HTML pages, images and script that is hosted using our hosting or your own web hosting company.

1.2. The specification of the website, in terms of what pages and features are to be included, will be agreed in writing at the start of the project after discussion with you. This will include an outline project plan with the main milestones and responsibilities plus a target completion date.

Web Design

1.3. We will ask you for some examples of website designs that you like before we start work so that we have ideas based on your preferences. Unless you provide a detailed design specification you agree to allow us to come up with a design for you based on your corporate branding / colour scheme.

1.4. If you have requested an original web design we will engage a graphic designer for the initial site design and this is (unless stated otherwise) included in the project fee. However if any further design work is required you agree to pay any addition graphic design fees.

1.5. When you have agreed to a website design, that is what we will build. If you want to amend the design after you’ve given the go-ahead and after we’ve started work on it then additional fees will be added.

1.6. The website will be built in an online development area so you can check on progress at all times. We will email you when major changes and developments have been made.

1.7 An increasingly common web design solution is the use of pre-designed commercial templates that adapted and customised to your logo and branding. We will provide three or more demo sites for you to view and make your choice. Once this choice has been made then we will purchase the template and use it as a basis of the new website design. If you change your mind then there will be a charge based on the direct cost of template and time spent setting up and configuring the template.


1.8 You agree to provide us with content for your website in terms of the wording of the pages on the website. We will advise on how best to write this. We may adjust some of the wording to enable improved search engine visibility but will do so on your proviso. We can, if required, write the content for you but an additional cost may be incurred which will be agreed before any work commences.

1.9 If you send us images for your site we will make the assumption that you have the rights to use these images on your website. We will not be held liable for any breach of copyright for the unlawful use of images you have supplied. We can advise on sources of free and low cost images but please be careful when using images from search engines as they may be subject to copyright and incur legal claims from the copyright holder.

Project Completion

1.10 If we complete your website according to the agreed specification and are waiting for information or content from you then we reserve the right to invoice you for the completed project according to the payment terms.

Part 2: Payment Terms

2.1 Before we start work on your website we will invoice you for a deposit which covers initial setup, design, template and web hosting setup costs. This is usually between 25 and 50% of the total project quote. Work on your website will not begin until this is paid.

2.2. Subsequent payments will usually be on completion of the project and launch of the live website. We reserve the right to ask for an interim payment should the project b delayed for reasons unrelated to the web development.

2.3 In the event of any late or non-payment we reserve the right to add fees and interest as laid down by UK late payment legislation and regulations.

2.4 We also reserve the right to stop development and/or take your website down from the internet temporarily until late payments and fees are paid.

2.5 The website shall remain our property until it has been paid for in full.  When you have paid for the website you will be free to amend or transfer (move) it as you see fit.

Part 4: Legal Jurisdiction

These terms and condition are written in and will be enforced under law applicable in England.

Part 5: Force Majeure

Whilst we do our best to do all we say when we say it there will be times when circumstances beyond our control prevent this. These circumstances include (but are not limited to) natural disasters and Acts of God, political action and war, failure of electricity or telephone services.

If this kind of thing disrupts our work we will do all we can to minimise disruption, to keep you informed and to honour our commitments as a service provider.

Under such circumstances our contract remains in place and neither party shall be eligible to cancel the agreement unless by mutual written consent.

Part 6: Other Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and you agree to be bound by them.

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