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Much to our regret, Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by nearly 23% of Internet users. As a simple interface for viewing web pages it does a job, however it also leaves your computer vulnerable to all sorts of Malware, viruses and other Internet nasties that slow down your computer and allow hackers to steal your personal data.

For web developers and website owners this also presents a real headache as web pages looking great in one browser can look terrible in other browsers. Currently we check all our new websites with Internet Explorer versions 6,7 and 8, FireFox and Google Chrome. There are small differences in the way they behave but the most marked is with IE 6.

So please spread the word and tell your friends, family and colleagues to ditch IE 6 by upgrading to IE 7 or 8. Better still, try out FireFox or Google Chrome, which are faster and much more secure.



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