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What to tell us when you ask for a web design quote

When people ask for a web design quote we are naturally pleased they have considered us as an option to design, code and host their website. When we get an enquiry, we don’t expect to get a lot of detail straight away. There are often commercial sensitivities and we pledge to treat each enquiry with […]

If your WordPress website breaks – the white screen of death and other errors

The blog post will help you fix your WordPress website if it breaks. While WordPress is an excellent choice as a Content Management System there will be times when things go wrong. The default setup of WordPress is not to display error messages so you are likely to be presented with either the dreaded white […]

Why use a Content Management System such as WordPress

This blog post covers when and why you should use a Content Management System such as WordPress for your website. When you have a business with products or services to promote, you need a website and keep it up to date. For those unsure of the term, here’s a good definition of Content Management System: […]

Latest version page builder plugins make web design with WordPress a breeze

There is a new generation of page builder plugins that make web design with WordPress a breeze. In the past we often had to accept the page designs of the theme developer or spend time customising the CSS files, adding to the functions file and modifying graphics and icons. As web developers this wasn’t a […]

Migrating a WordPress website to https / SSL – a guide

Last month Google announced that it would be marking all non https / SSL pages as insecure from July 2018: “Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”. This means that any sites not running https will be marked with a security warning. Even […]

WordPress 4.8 out now – update your website for improved security and features

WordPress 4.8 is out now. Named after jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans, WordPress 4.8 adds improved security, bug fixes and extra features. WordPress is the world’s favourite Content Management Systems, powering about 60% of websites. With that in mind, an update of WordPress to a new whole number version is an important […]

Recent WordPress security issues – how to update the version and your plugins safely

There have been some recent WordPress security issues which mean that you must get your WordPress version and certain plugins updated as soon as possible. Recent WordPress security issues addressed by Version 4.7.3 Version 4.7.3 of the content management system includes fixes for the half dozen flaws that could allow for, among other things, cross-site […]

WordPress website backup options

All website owners need to consider the backup of their website. Questions to ponder include who is responsible and can they quickly get a recent version of your website back on line should the worst happen? If your website is powered by WordPress then there are lots of WordPress website backup options and we’ll cover […]

WordPress updates to version 4.6

August 2016 saw the popular content management system WordPress updates to version 4.6. In keeping with the established tradition it named after a Jazz great, this time “Pepper” in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. It is available to update through your dashboard and you will be greeted with a message […]

Best WordPress caching plugins to improve the speed of your website

If you use WordPress as your Content Management System then you’re already well placed to rank highly on Google. There are many factors that help to improve your page rankings and we have covered these extensively in previous blog posts (see Google ranking factors). When Google publicly talk about ranking factors they boil it down […]