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Why and how you should keep up with WordPress version updates

Keeping up with your WordPress version updates is important, however do it with caution. WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System that powers 25% of the most popular websites (WordPress powers 25% of the world’s top websites) and has nearly 60% of market share of all websites. We use WordPress for many client […]

Recent WordPress security issues – how to update the version and your plugins safely

There have been some recent WordPress security issues which mean that you must get your WordPress version and certain plugins updated as soon as possible. Recent WordPress security issues addressed by Version 4.7.3 Version 4.7.3 of the content management system includes fixes for the half dozen flaws that could allow for, among other things, cross-site […]

The latest WordPress release to 4.5.3 fixes security bugs

The latest WordPress release doesn’t provide much additional functionality but is highly recommended. It provides fixes for eight security bugs and 17 maintenance issues. The most critical security flaw the project fixed is a bug that allowed attackers to change a user’s password by leveraging stolen cookies. The WordPress security team’s Michael Adams discovered this […]

How to update your WordPress theme

If you’re a WordPress user then you need to update your WordPress theme regularly. This is in addition to making sure your plugins and the WordPress version are kept updated. For example, in the last three months alone there have been at least three WordPress core updates which means we’re up to version 4.4.2 at […]