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Password advice from National Cyber Security Centre updated

The official government password advice from the National Cyber Security Centre has been updated recently and we think it’s a lot more workable than past information. We all have to contend with multiple passwords and we know that, ideally, they should be trade-off between something you can remember but is also hard to guess by […]

UK government survey reveals main causes of web security threats: phishing and ransomware

A UK government survey has revealed that phishing and ransomware are the biggest web security threats for businesses. The survey was commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It found the following most common security breaches: Staff receiving fraudulent emails – 72% of cases Viruses, spyware and malware – 33% of cases People […]

LinkedIn users should change their passwords

Business social networking website Linked In has admitted that six million user passwords have been posted on a Russian hacker’s web forum. It is recommends that users should should change their passwords today, even if they changed them yesterday after initial reports. To change your password log in to Linked In, click on your name […]

False web security software threat increases

There has been an increase in software that appears to be scanning your computer for security but is in fact a nasty piece of Malware that could lock up your computer,

The browser that will not die

Much to our regret, Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by nearly 23% of Internet users. As a simple interface for viewing web pages it does a job, however it also leaves your computer vulnerable to