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What email options are available for business and other important email accounts?

If you buy one of our entry level web hosting packages then these will come with a number of branded email accounts. This means that you can ditch those unprofessional looking free gmail or yahoo  accounts for use in your small business or start-up. We can set you up with a standard email account email […]

Web hosting services that grow with your business

Your website will normally mirror the growth of your business and that’s why you need web hosting services that can accommodate those changing requirements. Start-ups and new businesses usually need to control costs carefully and match their web hosting specification so it copes with web traffic and other needs. If you use poor quality web […]

Types of website for your business or project

It often seems that there are a bewildering number of types of website available for your business or project. Knowing some of the options helps you work out the best solution. This blog post helps you to identify what options are available, their advantages and disadvantages. When we discuss website design projects we try to […]

Stop using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc as your email accounts for business and social media as your website

Only a couple of years ago, I thought we might be seeing the beginning of the end of email accounts for business. Social media, the rise of mobile phone usage, instant messaging, texting etc all made me think that email would go the same way as letter writing. To misquote Mark Twain, reports of email’s […]

Google Chrome to mark some non HTTPS web pages as insecure

Most savvy web users know to look for the secure padlock icon (or the web address changing to HTTPS) when they are submitting private information. These are called secure pages which encrypt the information when it is sent so the information cannot be stolen by hackers. Google is encouraging website owners to make more use […]

Lessons learned from the 123-Reg website deletion

In the annals of web hosting history, this particular TITSUP (Total Inability To Support Usual Performance) is right up there with the best. On the morning of Saturday 16 April 19, 2016, someone at the 123-Reg hosting provider ran a script that had a catastrophic error resulting in it deleting the servers and websites of […]

Why your website is down (and what to do) – part 2

In our previous post How to check if your website is down (and what to do) – part 1 we looked at how to check whether your website is down and some free services and methods that enable you to check, independently of your local connection. Once you have established that your website is not […]

What to look for in a good web hosting company

Having a reliable web hosting company is a crucial part of running a business or having a strong web presence for your brand. Your web hosts will keep your website online, manage your email addresses and maintain your website security  so choose wisely; a good web hosting company will keep the worst of the Internet […]

Why your web developer is a good choice for web hosting and the questions you should ask

SEO (search engine optimisation) trainer and Danny Richman published an opinion blog piece Why you Should Never let your Web Developers Host your Website. As established web developers and web hosts with many satisfied clients, we at Web Growth Consulting would obviously take issue with being tarred with same brush as a company that provided […]

Web hosting selection advice for small business

Web hosting is simply a computer that allows users to download or serves your website files to a user. It often has bundled software to enable sending and receipt of emails. This is simple and, in theory, you could setup your home computer so it hosts a website but that’s a very bad idea for […]