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Five e-commerce web design trends for 2018

The relationship between E-commerce and web design is often awkward. From the early days of Amazon, where the term ‘web design’ was at best loosely applied to the most basic of layouts to the over-designed insanity of ill-fated boo.com (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boo.com), e-commerce web design has always struggled to get the credit it deserves. The only key […]

Web design versus SEO part 2 – does web design affect ranking?

Put an SEO expert and web designer in the same room and they won’t necessarily fight, but they might push for different things. Web design affects rankings and the two disciplines should work together early in a project. An SEO expert will view a website through the eyes of Google and Bing’s search bot (strange […]

Types of website for your business or project

It often seems that there are a bewildering number of types of website available for your business or project. Knowing some of the options helps you work out the best solution. This blog post helps you to identify what options are available, their advantages and disadvantages. When we discuss website design projects we try to […]

Web design versus SEO part 1 – resolving the conflict

Whenever you commission a new website design various stakeholders will be pushing for particular features or content. This is part and parcel of the planning stage of web design. Two needlessly conflicting areas are balancing good web design versus SEO (search engine optimisation). There is no doubt that a graphic designer without much web experience […]

5 key web design issues business owners need to know

If you are a business owner considering a new web design, there are many issues that you need to know. Getting a new web design is an exciting time for any business but you should be involved. The level of your involvement depends on how much time you can spare and how much you trust […]

Google Chrome to mark some non HTTPS web pages as insecure

Most savvy web users know to look for the secure padlock icon (or the web address changing to HTTPS) when they are submitting private information. These are called secure pages which encrypt the information when it is sent so the information cannot be stolen by hackers. Google is encouraging website owners to make more use […]

Five scary things your web designer can say to you this Halloween

As it’s Halloween, let’s delve into the darker side of web design and reveal our top 5 scariest things your web designer can say to you. We have put these in roughly descending order, but to us they’re all quite scary. When faced with this type of statement don’t split up and search for clues […]

A guide to testing website user experience and first impressions

When you design or write a brief for a new website design it’s very easy to forget the user. It’s difficult to test website user experience, it’s very easy to get sidetracked by your own views on colour schemes, branding and other features. The most important stakeholders in any new web design or enhancement to […]

5 key questions to ask when choosing your web design company

There are many factors that should  influence you when choosing your web design company. It’s a big investment of resource both in direct costs and time so choose wisely. Also most businesses rely on their website both to portray the right professional image and promote services directly to customers. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be […]

Latest responsive web design Rugby taxi Dial-a-Cab

Our latest website is a new responsive web design for Rugby taxi company Dial-a-Cab  – http://www.rugbytaxi.co.uk/ The old website was very successful, with relatively high levels of traffic generating a lot of enquiries by phone and users filling in and submitting the booking / quote form. The details were captured and sent by email to […]