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With great freedom, comes great responsibility

Despite the best efforts of the US and UK governments, the English speaking world has reasonable levels of freedom of speech. Usually we can criticise the authorities without fear of being carted off to the local Gulag, and, although we know some monitoring does take place, our web activity is free from interference unless it […]

Hacked Twitter account causes chaos on US financial markets

On Tuesday 23 April a tweet from Associated Press (AP) told the world that the White House had been attacked and Obama had been injured. The tweet was of course a hoax as the Twitter account had been hacked but it caused some temporary chaos. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 144 points between 10.07am […]

Twitter joke trial aquittal – common sense finally prevails

Paul Chambers, the man who was arrested and convicted for joking on Twitter about blowing up Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire has finally been acquitted after two years of Kafkaesque madness. To recap: Chambers had arrived at Robin Hood airport in South Yorkshire on 6 January 2010 hoping to fly to Belfast to meet […]

Twitter users reach 10 million in UK

The micro-blogging website Twitter now has 10 million users in the UK and 140 million worldwide. This is a significant figure and exceeds, for the first time, the number of people that take a daily newspaper. The website is a public forum where major and minor celebrities vie with each other for the number of […]

The twitter joke that ruined a life and makes the law look daft

Judgement has been reserved in the appeal case of Paul Chambers, the accountant that was convicted and lost two jobs because of an ill-judged but obvious joke made on Twitter. Paul Chambers was arrested in January 2010 after he vented his frustration at his cancelled flight on Twitter. “Robin Hood airport is closed,” he tweeted. […]

Twitter, Privacy laws and what you can`t say on the Internet

A prominent Premiership footballer is currently attempting to sue the Twitter corporation and persons unknown (i.e. those that have named him in recent Tweets). While Christmas has come very early for his lawyers, the net result has been even more people knowing about his exploits and his name spreading to other social media like Facebook. […]

Just who is using social media?

We often expect the 18 to 24 age group to be early adopters of new technology, particularly when it comes to the Internet. That trend is being bucked by social media websites where the 25 to 54 age groups are making all the running in driving the growth of Twitter, Facebook and

The rise of social media and the design of your website

While your website may be up and running, the importance of social media cannot be ignored as it provides a low cost way of generating well qualified web traffic and interest in your business. To us, the term `social media` means