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Google Ranking Factors for SEO by Northcutt – exposing the myths, concrete factors and the dubious

If you regularly read advice about the factors that makes a site rank higher in Google’s organic search results then you’re likely to end up more confused – Google Ranking Factors. Some might endorse one type of tag or keyword usage but you’re unlikely to get much validated cause and effect advice along the lines […]

Website builders versus custom web design, which is best?

Some of the big hosting companies like Go Daddy, 1&1 Internet and Wix are pushing their website building services as cost-effective add-on to their hosting and domain services. The costs usually involve a regular fee which vary between £6 to £30 per month depending on what additional services you might need.This might initially compare quite […]

Ranking the ranking factors for SEO, latest Moz survey 2015

SEO platform, Moz, has released its largest-ever study on ranking factors for SEO that influence where your website might rank on search engines. Unlike the Searchmetrics study from two weeks back, which simply described methods for getting ahead on Google, Moz actually ranked the ranking factors. The comprehensive biennial study was conducted by interviewing 150 […]

Balancing the user experience with SEO and web design

We all want our websites to rank higher on search engines, particularly Google and are frequently thinking up ways of getting higher on Google or generating more web traffic. It is worth taking some to understand Google and how it has become so successful as this helps us work out why they might rank one […]

Results of recent research on SEO ranking factors

Major SEO and digital marketing company Searchmetrics has just released the 2015 results of its study into SEO ranking factors, i.e. what technical, marketing and social media measures have the greatest influence in where your website ranks in search engine results pages – SERPS. They enterprise platform looked at the top 30 search results for […]

Page speed – why it is important for SEO, web design and user experience

We’ve all sat there viewing loading icons rather than content and cursing the website owners for allowing their valuable information to take longer than it needs to display. Like an over-garrulous acquaintance that can’t get to the point, the slow loading web page diminishes the user experience but it also can prevent your site ranking […]

5 common SEO mistakes when redoing your web design

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to commit to a new web design, there are some important considerations to make sure that your shiny new web design initially maintains and then boosts your ranking on search engines. That has to be the ultimate aim of any website redevelopment. Here are 5 common errors […]

The four pillars of SEO

Recently NASA updated the famous pillars of creation image taken by the Hubble telescope to commemorate the instrument’s 25th year in orbit. The image is of the Eagle Nebula, or Messier 16 and shows ghost-like clouds of gas and dust, bathed in the blazing light from a cluster of newborn stars. It’s a breathtaking and […]

Latest Google changes and how they affect your SEO

Google is always tweaking the way it ranks websites so it improves their users’ experience. It doesn’t care about you or your website, only whether it deserves to rank higher because it matches a continuously changing set of conditions so people using Google will get their query answered more effectively. Recently it has taken to […]

Latest SEO client Beaumont Cast Iron radiators

We are delighted to welcome our latest SEO (search engine optimisation) client, cast iron radiator manufacturer and suppliers, Beaumont Cast Iron. Over the coming months we will be making changes to their website and adding new features to help the company report on the fascinating breadth and depth of projects and clients drawn from up […]