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Website detox for your digital presence – the detox that works

At this time of year, over-indulgence in the holiday season can often lead to a nagging feeling of needing to take things a little easier in January. People might start diets, new exercise regimes or do that largely debunked exercise of body detox. Detox for the body often involves eating very simple food or fasting […]

How to optimise a single web page for SEO to boost rankings and traffic

We often get asked how to optimise a web page for SEO (search engine optimisation). If they are clients then we do this for them or we can train staff to do it themselves (see our 1-2-1 training course on SEO). It’s easy to talk in general terms about optimising a web page. It’s also […]

Presentation from Rugby FSB Breakfast networking meeting on SEO and digital marketing

What a give away! We have the full presentation slides from Dinesh Fernando’s talk at the Rugby FSB breakfast networking meeting on Friday 22 September 2017. The title of the talk was “Promoting your business using SEO and digital marketing” and was a whistle stop tour of the main aspects of SEO and digital marketing. […]

Network with local businesses and hear a talk “Promoting your business with SEO and digital marketing”

On Friday 22 September 2017, you’ll get a chance to network with local businesses and hear a talk “Promoting your business with SEO and digital marketing” by Dinesh Fernando at The Rugby FSB Breakfast Business networking meeting. The 30 minute talk covers some of the essential elements of using the web to promote your business. […]

The importance of backlinks in SEO and 5 strategies for getting them

The importance of backlinks in SEO cannot be stressed highly enough. Imagine recreating web pages for products on a well-known online e-commerce website such as Amazon. These would include all those desirable on-site factors such as optimised images, fast load times, clean code etc. If you hosted (see our page on web hosting and buying […]

Latest ranking factors report from SEMRush is packed with great SEO insights

The latest ranking factors report from SEMRush is based on a study of 600,000+ keywords in local databases. It provides a very useful insight into the 12 most prominent and controversial factors, chosen to shed light on what really impacts search results The main goal of the study was to identify any consistent patterns in […]

Web design versus SEO part 1 – resolving the conflict

Whenever you commission a new website design various stakeholders will be pushing for particular features or content. This is part and parcel of the planning stage of web design. Two needlessly conflicting areas are balancing good web design versus SEO (search engine optimisation). There is no doubt that a graphic designer without much web experience […]

Content marketing and SEO – part 2 – promoting content

In our earlier blog post we covered the importance of creating quality content on your website. To create content that is worth someone stopping and reading takes time to do well: Writing content that that is interesting, informative and engaging. Boosting the content with good quality, relevant images, video, infographics etc. Boosting the content with […]

Content marketing and SEO – part 1 – creating the content

Content marketing is a frequently heard buzzword, but often misunderstood. Do it right and it can help boost the quality and quantity of your website traffic which is what every website owner wants. It’s generally a positive thing for your website rankings if you regularly add fresh content to your website. It signals to Google […]

How to write quality content for SEO

Quality content for SEO is fast replacing all those old, slightly dubious, techniques. Some still cling to these tricks but Google is finding ways of rooting them out and downgrading the websites that use them. While there are still plenty of technical challenges and work to be done on the latest SEO techniques, quality content […]