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When web designers and SEO professionals clash

  The sometimes belligerent but well-respected SEO consultant Barry Adams from Polemic Digital often quotes this statement from a client’s Lead Developer. This neatly sums up the occasional tension between web designers and web developers and SEO professionals and marketing personnel. Everyone wants the web project to succeed but priorities are different depending on their […]

Web design versus SEO part 2 – does web design affect ranking?

Put an SEO expert and web designer in the same room and they won’t necessarily fight, but they might push for different things. Web design affects rankings and the two disciplines should work together early in a project. An SEO expert will view a website through the eyes of Google and Bing’s search bot (strange […]

Web design versus SEO part 1 – resolving the conflict

Whenever you commission a new website design various stakeholders will be pushing for particular features or content. This is part and parcel of the planning stage of web design. Two needlessly conflicting areas are balancing good web design versus SEO (search engine optimisation). There is no doubt that a graphic designer without much web experience […]

Content marketing and SEO – part 2 – promoting content

In our earlier blog post we covered the importance of creating quality content on your website. To create content that is worth someone stopping and reading takes time to do well: Writing content that that is interesting, informative and engaging. Boosting the content with good quality, relevant images, video, infographics etc. Boosting the content with […]

Best practice SEO for web developers

As we have discussed in past blog posts, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO should be integrated early into your new web design project. If it is bolted on as an afterthought, then this could result in the unpicking of work already done which could increase your costs unnecessarily. There are many factors that should be […]

Maintain your SEO during and after a website redesign

If you are considering a website redesign then you need to make sure you plan ahead to avoid potentially devastating SEO issues. While you may have a new and shiny website you risk losing your hard won Google rankings if the process hasn’t been managed properly – a website redesign can be a huge success – or it […]

SEO and web design essentials to generate more business from your website

As a busy business owner you probably haven’t got the time to wade through the huge volumes of information about making your website generate more business. A lot of the information is aimed at SEO or digital marketing professionals so could either be very technical or packed with lots of obscure jargon. What we have […]