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Google’s Search Engine Optimization guide reviewed

Google has, very helpfully, issued a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is a more detailed version of the content of their excellent online training course the digital garage. The information was originally intended for internal consumption in Google; however it has made the document publicly available to help Webmasters and website owners improve their […]

Long tail keywords: what they are and why you need them on your website

In this blog posting we’re covering the importance of long tail keywords, why you need them on your website and how you find them. Long tail keywords are phrases of about three or four words which are specific to whatever you are selling or promoting. Whenever someone uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend […]

Can social media boost search engine ranking and SEO?

If you have a business website then it’s likely you’ll also have social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Apart from time to update and setup, social media sites are free and have the potential to generate interest in products or services if used properly. They can also be a great way to launch […]

SEO case study – lifting the rankings from nowhere to Page 1 on Google

A recent project for web development and SEO (search engine optimization) has been the UK record shops directory All Good Record Shops. At the time of writing, the website is currently halfway up page 1 on Google. Thus is after being effectively unranked (over position 100) as a new website for important keywords at the […]

SEO case study – competitor analysis comparing actual rankings with common SEO performance indicators

We are currently working with a client in an ongoing search engine optimization project where we are aiming to boost their search engine ranking in the highly competitive property market of Coventry and the West Midlands for the phrase ‘coventry estate agents’. At this early stage we have looked at the top websites that rank […]

Latest Google changes and how they affect your SEO

Google is always tweaking the way it ranks websites so it improves their users’ experience. It doesn’t care about you or your website, only whether it deserves to rank higher because it matches a continuously changing set of conditions so people using Google will get their query answered more effectively. Recently it has taken to […]

Latest SEO client Beaumont Cast Iron radiators

We are delighted to welcome our latest SEO (search engine optimisation) client, cast iron radiator manufacturer and suppliers, Beaumont Cast Iron. Over the coming months we will be making changes to their website and adding new features to help the company report on the fascinating breadth and depth of projects and clients drawn from up […]

5 things to improve on your website this week

No one is or should ever be completely satisfied with their website. There are always things to improve and issues that need solving long or short-term. Here’s a list of 5 things you or web developer can do this week to improve your website so you get better information about your web traffic, your users […]

5 things every business should know about Google

Despite intensifying competition from Microsoft’s Bing and more specialist search engines, Google remains the most important Internet search tool. Anyone running a website for business needs to understand the key factors that boost a website’s ranking so you can make the right decisions about your marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts. No busy entrepreneur […]

Why web design and SEO are so closely linked

The acronym SEO – search engine optimization – first appeared in the 90s when it meant little more than stuffing your website pages with keywords and getting links from dodgy websites. Google was still a research project and a lot of companies wasted a lot of money on harebrained schemes to promote their websites. A […]