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UK government survey reveals main causes of web security threats: phishing and ransomware

A UK government survey has revealed that phishing and ransomware are the biggest web security threats for businesses. The survey was commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It found the following most common security breaches: Staff receiving fraudulent emails – 72% of cases Viruses, spyware and malware – 33% of cases People […]

Ransomware – the latest latest security scam doing the rounds

It can start with an innocuous looking email from your bank but ends up with you being locked out of your own computer. This happened to  Sarah Flanders*, a 35-year-old charity worker from north London, who didn’t think twice about opening an email from paymentsadmin@lloydsplc.co.uk. Unfortunately the email contained malicious software that immediately began encrypting every file on […]