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If an SEO company makes just one of these claims, don’t use them

If you have a business with even a half decent web presence you’ll no doubt be regularly assailed by companies offering SEO (search engine optimisation) services that they claim will transform your business, boosting your web traffic and generating enquiries and sales. While many will happily take your money and never deliver on their claims, […]

Most local websites failing to deliver the best Google ranking

After reviewing a random sample of 50 websites of businesses based in Rugby, we discovered several common issues that mean they are missing out on the best ranking on Google and other search engines. These include problems with web design, page meta tags and layout, along with issues relating to how often the website is […]

Come to our half day seminar `6 steps to a better Google ranking`

Our new range of seminars kicks off on Friday 12 November in Rugby with `6 Steps to a better Google ranking` which is packed with vital information for small business owners and marketers to help their business succeed using the web. Click on this link for more information and booking: 6 Steps to a better […]

No 1 on Google for our holiday cottage website

While no credible SEO (search engine optimization) consultant can ever honestly guarantee any particular position, we`re delighted to report the no 1 ranking for one our recent websites for a holiday cottage in East Mayo, Ireland (Mick`s place http://www.tighmhic.com/)