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How to use keyword research and other tools to spot traffic boosting topics for your blog

Your blog or news section is an important part of your website. It’s a part of your website where you can tell the world about new products and services, share good news, give advice or provide some other interesting take on issues affecting your business. It’s also an effective way of promoting your website and […]

A three step guide to keyword research for SEO after changes to Google keyword planner

In an earlier blog post we covered the importance of finding long tail keywords to include in your website. As well as explaining your products and services to human visitors, the words you use signal to search engines what your website is about and what search terms trigger its display in search engine results pages […]

First steps in keyword research to make your website rank higher on search engines

Writing content for your website is hard to do well. We all like to think we communicate effectively, but the words and phrases you use have a bearing on how the website ranks on search engines which is where keyword research plays and important role. In this day and age, Google is relying more and […]