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How Googlebot sees your website

The search engine Google is still the market leader for online search. Worldwide it’s at about 92% market share, which falls a little to 90% in the UK in August 2017 (See http://gs.statcounter.com/search-engine-market-share/all/united-kingdom/#monthly-201608-201708 ). While Microsoft’s Bing is a credible search engine, it is still only used by 6% of users. What Googlebot does Therefore […]

How to ask Google to index your website

One of Google’s main principles is its independence: it can’t be influenced by other companies and no one can claim a ‘special relationship’ with Google. However, you can, if your website has changed, ask Google to index your website. This doesn’t mean that Google will definitely re-index your website, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

How to use Google Search Console to discover search queries people are using to visit your website

Google Search Console is a free service that provides vital information on how Google crawls and stores information about your website. It is free, but you will have to prove ownership by verifying your website through one of these methods: Linking with the Google Analytics Account for the website Uploading an html file that Google […]

How to check website backlinks using Google search console and other tools

One of the cornerstones of SEO (search engine optimisation) is building good quality website backlinks. These are websites and web pages that have links to your website and usually have the beneficial effect of boosting your search engine rankings. Recently a senior Google search engineer was on a live Q&A event and was asked to […]