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How the latest Google Penguin update affects your website ranking

The recent Google Penguin update is a key change to the Google algorithm that will affect your website. To the uninitiated, the algorithm is the magic formula that automatically decides where to rank a particular page in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). If you can setup, add good content and promote your website in […]

Latest Google changes and how they affect your SEO

Google is always tweaking the way it ranks websites so it improves their users’ experience. It doesn’t care about you or your website, only whether it deserves to rank higher because it matches a continuously changing set of conditions so people using Google will get their query answered more effectively. Recently it has taken to […]

Google wants to know about your website

If you think your website should rank higher then Google wants to hear from you. Google has been making substantial changes to the way it ranks websites in its search results called the Penguin update (see our earlier blog post Google’s latest ‘Penguin’ update will affect all web designers and website owners). While many websites […]

Google’s latest ‘Penguin’ update will affect all web designers and website owners

Google have released the latest development in their algorithm that automatically decides where a website ranks in search engine results. Called the Penguin 2.0 update, this will have a major impact on website owners, web designers and SEO (search engine optimisation) consultants. Chief Google Engineer Matt Cutts said “It’s gonna have a pretty big impact […]