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Use filters to exclude employee and other internal traffic from your Google Analytics reports

Getting the true picture of your traffic data from Google Analytics helps you make better decisions about your website and business. A goldmine of data in Google Analytics There is a goldmine of information locked away in your data helps you discover what your customers are thinking and what they like. Here are some examples: […]

How to use Google Analytics to check the busiest times of day on your website

If you own or run a website then you need sound information to make good business decisions and data from Google Analytics can be a great help. There is a wealth of data available but in this blog post we’re focusing on how to use Google Analytics to check the busiest times on your website. […]

Google Analytics tips – filtering out the background noise

A very wise person once said “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. While there are times when you trust your gut feeling, it’s useful to have first gathered all the relevant data so you make an informed decision with the best available information. The most commonly used web statistics package Google Analytics […]

Web traffic sources and how to measure what is working using Google analytics – part 2

In our previous blog post – Web traffic sources and how to measure what is working using Google analytics – part 1 – we looked at the main sources of web traffic. These include direct traffic from people using your web address, links from search engine results pages, social media and other websites, email marketing […]

5 common SEO mistakes when redoing your web design

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to commit to a new web design, there are some important considerations to make sure that your shiny new web design initially maintains and then boosts your ranking on search engines. That has to be the ultimate aim of any website redevelopment. Here are 5 common errors […]

Responsive web design pt 1 – Using Google Analytics to view your mobile traffic data

Now that Google has rolled out its mobile friendly update (live on 21 April 2015), it’s becoming increasingly important to know how this might be impacting your web traffic and whether the measures you have taken are working or you’re suffering a loss of web traffic. Google’s mobile friendly update means that a Google search […]

Look at my shiny new certificate – Google Analytics Fundamentals

Just taken the Google Analytics Fundamentals course and passed with flying colours! Google Analytics is a free tool that gives website owners a huge amount of valuable information about your visitors, including the following: referring websites physical location including country, city, town and region search terms used to find your website devices used such as […]

Understand Google Analytics in 30 minutes

All business owners know the value of tracking where your customers first found you. Whether it’s Yellow Pages (or Hibu as it’s about to become), direct mail or display advertising, you need to know the cost of gaining a customer and what is generating the best ROI (return on investment). This is no different when […]