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In Google algorithm we trust – how propaganda can distort search results

The Google algorithm is a true wonder of the modern world. It decides, from the instant a search is typed, what to display in the search results and the order they appear. It works well enough for Google to become a verb and the starting point for any research or homework. We generally trust what […]

How Google search works

Understanding how Google search works helps you make better decisions on improving your website. As a website owner you won’t be short of advice or the offer of services so you need to be sure of what to ignore and to what you commit resource. Optimising a website is a long but rewarding process if […]

If an SEO company makes just one of these claims, don’t use them

If you have a business with even a half decent web presence you’ll no doubt be regularly assailed by companies offering SEO (search engine optimisation) services that they claim will transform your business, boosting your web traffic and generating enquiries and sales. While many will happily take your money and never deliver on their claims, […]

Google’s latest ‘Penguin’ update will affect all web designers and website owners

Google have released the latest development in their algorithm that automatically decides where a website ranks in search engine results. Called the Penguin 2.0 update, this will have a major impact on website owners, web designers and SEO (search engine optimisation) consultants. Chief Google Engineer Matt Cutts said “It’s gonna have a pretty big impact […]

MPs urge Google to censor search results

A cross-party group of MPs and peers are urging the Government to introduce legislation that forces Google to censor search results that a court has found to be in breach of someone’s privacy. The committee heard evidence from ex-Formula 1 boss  Max Mosley on how he spent a large sum of money removing Internet traces […]