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Is Facebook is charging to keep posts private and the new Dislike button scam?

Recently there has been a flurry of rumours about what Facebook will or won’t do regarding charging for privacy, taking over the copyright of your photos or adding a dislike button. These rumours aren’t true and posting a cut and paste message in your status just wastes your time, your friends’ time and lessens the […]

Just who is using social media?

We often expect the 18 to 24 age group to be early adopters of new technology, particularly when it comes to the Internet. That trend is being bucked by social media websites where the 25 to 54 age groups are making all the running in driving the growth of Twitter, Facebook and

The rise of social media and the design of your website

While your website may be up and running, the importance of social media cannot be ignored as it provides a low cost way of generating well qualified web traffic and interest in your business. To us, the term `social media` means