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Why WooCommerce is a great choice for e-commerce start-ups

WooCommerce is a free plugin that adds e-commerce to your WordPress website.  Install and configure it properly and you are ready to sell products and services to your website visitors. It’s free but you should enlist the services of a Woo Commerce developer to get the plugin properly setup and configured. That will entail cost […]

Five e-commerce web design trends for 2018

The relationship between E-commerce and web design is often awkward. From the early days of Amazon, where the term ‘web design’ was at best loosely applied to the most basic of layouts to the over-designed insanity of ill-fated boo.com (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boo.com), e-commerce web design has always struggled to get the credit it deserves. The only key […]

A guide to setting shipping charges on your online shop

Setting shipping charges on your online shop is a big decision that affects your profits. If you run an online shop then you are used to making decisions that affect profitability: how much you pay suppliers for your products; the selling price and how you are charged and what you charge to ship products to […]

Online consumer rights for buyers and e-commerce shop owners

In the UK the consumer is protected by rules and regulations that govern product quality and consumer rights of return if something is wrong. Online consumer rights are even more stringent and need to be understood by consumers and e-commerce shop owners. Legislation like this does not need to be a burden for online shop […]

Best eCommerce platforms for SEO and sales

So what are the best ecommerce platforms for SEO and sales? A lot depends on where you are with your business, your financial objectives and your budget for development and administration. First a bit about my background. I was involved in developing e-commerce from the early days (around 2001) when everything had to be programmed […]

Latest web design – Original Rugby

Our latest web design Original Rugby is the brainchild of creative carpenter and furniture designer David Cox of Woodworks of Rugby. Original Rugby provides a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf gifts made from reclaimed timber that commemorate and celebrate the sport of Rugby. The products are made from reclaimed timber and are sourced and manufactured […]

Five tips on improving e-commerce web design

Web design is always an important subject but in e-commerce websites it can make a major impact on your profitability. New initiatives and changes to your website need to be assessed for how they will contribute to the bottom line, short, medium or long term. Here are 5 ways on improving your e-commerce web design […]

Amazon’s pricing errors lead to a nightmare before Christmas

Small traders using the Amazon marketplace were left nursing losses as the RepricerExpress software mistakenly priced many items at 1p, leading to opportunist consumers buying up multiple items. In normal circumstances an online trader, spotting a pricing mistake, is within their rights to cancel an order as long as they offer a full refund. Unfortunately […]

Another recent web design – MT Bellys pet supplies

Another recent web design is MT Bellys pet supplies. MT Bellys provide a home delivery service for all types of pet food. The website is a fully specified online shop where customers can search for the right product and order online. It’s also responsive which means that it displays and works properly with all types […]

Marks and Spencer’s website redesign results in falling sales

At at time when online sales are growing rapidly for most companies, Marks and Spencer’s have experienced falling online sales despite a reportedly £150 million overhaul of their website. On the surface, their strategy was promising with an increased focus on video and magazine type content to interest visitors. This is a proven way of […]