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Internet Explorer slips behind Google Chrome in the UK

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share has now slipped behind Google Chrome after years of decline. For a long time, Internet Explorer (IE) has been beset by problems with security and compatibility leading to other faster, less bloated web browsers gaining ground. This is despite IE being bundled with all versions of Windows and users having to […]

Google Chrome now UK’s second most popular browser

A national advertising campaign and speedy performance has resulted in FireFox being deposed by Google’s Chrome as the UK’s second most popular browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to be the market leader as it is pre-installed on all Windows computers but its market share has been falling steadily and now stands at 45%. The latest […]

How the alert on Internet Explorer affects the design of your website

The German Government has taken the unprecedented step of warning its citizens to avoid using Microsoft`s Internet Explorer. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/index.cfm?newsid=3210429& This was prompted by the publication on the Internet of what is effectively a hacker`s recipe book for malicious websites to install