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Advice on choosing a domain name for higher search engine ranking

From recent work by SEO and Internet marketing agency Northcutt, we know that a domain name can have a strong influence on where a website will rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS). These are called ranking factors and the Internet is awash with advice on what will or won’t make your website rank […]

Support for older versions of Internet Explorer coming to an end

For web designers and web developers, the words ‘Internet Explorer’ still has the effect of triggering flashbacks of feverish activity into the small hours trying to resolve cross browser problems in time for a new website launch. Although bundled with the Windows operating system and widely used, Microsoft’s web browser elicits a hostile reaction from […]

Internet Explorer slips behind Google Chrome in the UK

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share has now slipped behind Google Chrome after years of decline. For a long time, Internet Explorer (IE) has been beset by problems with security and compatibility leading to other faster, less bloated web browsers gaining ground. This is despite IE being bundled with all versions of Windows and users having to […]

Google Chrome now UK’s second most popular browser

A national advertising campaign and speedy performance has resulted in FireFox being deposed by Google’s Chrome as the UK’s second most popular browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to be the market leader as it is pre-installed on all Windows computers but its market share has been falling steadily and now stands at 45%. The latest […]

Internet Explorer use dips below 50 per cent

Web designers and business owners will need to take action as Internet Explorer’s market share is now at 44 per cent. In a climate of increasing competition from superior alternatives such as FireFox and Google`s Chrome, plus pro-competition legislation that forces Microsoft to present alternatives, Internet Explorer usage has declined steadily.

Microsoft forced to offer choice of browsers, our quick guide to IE alternatives

Following an anti-trust ruling by the European Commission, Microsoft will be offering up to 200 million European PC users the option of choosing an alternative web browser.

The browser that will not die

Much to our regret, Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by nearly 23% of Internet users. As a simple interface for viewing web pages it does a job, however it also leaves your computer vulnerable to