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User signals and SEO – bounce rate and CTR

User signals are measurable patterns of behaviour by your website visitors.  They can be used by Google as a ranking signal which are factors that influence where your website may be ranked in search results. Some are also available in your web traffic Google analytics data as Key Performance Indicators of how your website is […]

Improving web design using Google Analytics to highlight issues

When we use the term web design we don’t just mean the appearance of a web page. While features like design, layout, colours, fonts etc are important, your website isn’t (nor should it be) an online reproduction of a paper brochure. Thinking this way risks means missing out on opportunities to keep your audience engaged […]

Understand Google Analytics in 30 minutes

All business owners know the value of tracking where your customers first found you. Whether it’s Yellow Pages (or Hibu as it’s about to become), direct mail or display advertising, you need to know the cost of gaining a customer and what is generating the best ROI (return on investment). This is no different when […]