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Here’s another recent web design for Phil Preston photography who specialise in Wedding photography, christenings, portraits and buildings. The website uses popular content management system WordPress and is a responsive web design which means that it displays and automatically adapts to work properly different Internet connected devices including PCs / Laptops, Smartphones and Tablet computers.

phil-preston-photography-homeWeb design and development

The website has important features for a photographer such as easy to update galleries which can be password protected for private viewing by clients and a blog so the website is regularly updated with new content about recent jobs and news and views about photography. Behind the scenes, there are plugins to improve the speed of the website and SEO (search engine optimisation) so the pages are tagged with important keywords and the content is reviewed and scored for improving how a page will be indexed and ranked on search engines.

As well as the web design and development we provided a one-to-one training session on updating the website and a 20 page manual. The website hosting and associated email accounts are all setup and managed by us. Reliable and fast website hosting is important for ensuring your website stays online and displays quickly for your website visitors. Get in touch if you want to know how we can improve your web design and hosting of your domain and website: Contact us or call Dinesh on 07941 686113.

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