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Following an anti-trust ruling by the European Commission, Microsoft will be offering up to 200 million European PC users the option of choosing an alternative web browser.

Windows and Internet Explorer users who subscribe to automatic updates will be presented with a screen offering a choice of 12 browsers, including IE, with the top five displaying in a random order.

Here’s our quick guide to the top 10 browsers that you’ll be presented with.

Internet  Browser



Internet Explorer (Microsoft)IE logoVersions 7, 8, stable and security improved,auto complete on address barStill a major target for hackers and Malware. Version 6 has particularly poor security and stability with crashes that can affect the operating system.
FireFox (Mozilla)browsers_10_firefoxVery fast, stable, very secure and well supported,good features and add-onsCan get a little bloated with all the available add-ons which means start up a little slow.
Chrome (Google) browsers_10_chromeFast and stable, good securityRelatively new, lack of ‘nerdy’ features / add-ons (which may well be a pro for some users!)
Opera (Opera) browsers_10_operaFast and secure, some useful featuresLacking widgets and add-ons
Safari (Apple) browsers_10_safariNeat interface, secure up to a point.Lacking in features, actually quite insecure but not currently targeted by hackers and virus writers
Flockbrowsers_10_flockSocial networking dedicated browser, friendly interfaceDoesn’t support major web services
Maxthonbrowsers_10_maxthonEasy to useSupports many plug-insCustomizableLacks competitors features like thumbnail previews, a smart toolbar, and anti-phishing technology
Avant Browser avant-logoUser-customizable tabbed interfacePage zoom slider – 25% to 500%Multiple home pagesGood supportLacks parental controls and ability to synchronize settings from other browsers
Deepnet Explorer browsers_10_deepPop-up BlockerAnti-phishingPeer-to-peer facility for file sharingNot as intuitive as other browser

This move will result in the further erosion on Internet Explorer’s market particularly with faster and more secure browsers being freely available.

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