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Our latest website is a new responsive web design for Rugby taxi company Dial-a-Cab  –

The old website was very successful, with relatively high levels of traffic generating a lot of enquiries by phone and users filling in and submitting the booking / quote form. The details were captured and sent by email to the Dial-a-Cab office.Rugby taxi Dial-a-Cab

The website also provided a page for important terms and conditions which for a taxi business are important to clarify charges and situations where there might be extras fees payable.

The only issue with the old website was that it wasn’t a responsive web design. That means that anyone using a mobile phone or tablet computer to view the website would have to scroll and zoom in on the screen to use the form and again scroll a bit more to read the contents. Also as the website wasn’t a mobile friendly design it meant that after Google mobile friendly update in April 2015, it might be ranked lower than mobile friendly websites for anyone using Google on a mobile or table.

People often use all three types of device to access the same website and some stats are showing a tipping point has been reached where more people are using mobile devices than desktops to use the Internet – taxi booking form

Therefore the need to convert the website to a responsive web design became more urgent as this is the way the world is going. The website is flat html, but has several important features:

  • Day select is offset by 24 hours to prevent advance booking by email on the same day as it causes scheduling problems.
  • Custom time select from 7 am to 23:45 in increments of 15 minutes.
  • Strong anti-spam measures behind the scenes to prevent the form mailer being misused.
  • Mobile friendly responsive form that can be used on mobiles, tablets , laptops and desktop computers – it adapts automatically to the viewing area.Rugby taxi mobile friendly test
  • Phone number is clickable for direct calling on mobile phones.
  • Care taken over old website pages with 301 redirects for any stray pages URLs on the website to the new pages – 301 redirects tell search engines that the page web address has permanently changed.

Although the website currently ranks number 1 on Google for Rugby taxi, more SEO work will be done to cement its position, including a local search SEO campaign, rich snippets, link building and email marketing.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about web design.

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