Internet Explorer slips behind Google Chrome in the UK

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share has now slipped behind Google Chrome after years of decline. For a long time, Internet Explorer (IE) has been beset by problems with security and compatibility leading to other faster, less bloated web browsers gaining ground. This is despite IE being bundled with all versions of Windows and users having to actively choose another default browser. Up until now, IE has always been the biggest single browser, however that is not the case any more as Google Chrome has finally taken that crown.

Trend in Internet Browser usage from Jan 2012 to Jan 2013

In effect IE has been the minority browser for years now, if you combine the market share of “the other three”, Chrome, FireFox and Apple’s Safari, and generally these are superior products combining greater speed with better security and compatibility with W3SC coding. As web developers, IE can cause issues with displaying websites, although the latest version 9 is an improvement on past versions.

So it’s for any website owner it’s important to check their website on all four browsers IE, Chrome, FireFox and Safari as there can be differences in how a website displays.

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