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From 22 September 2011 Google will be enforcing tighter rules for Internet merchants submitting details of their products to Google.

Already a popular feature the Google Product Search provides price comparisons and customer ratings for individual items. A summary of the top sites usually appears when a user types the name of a particular product into Google.

Google is now tightening the rules relating to product data, its format, accuracy and freshness.Google-product-search

Availability – Internet Merchants will need to provide the availability of all items.

Google Product Category – Products need to classified against Google’s product category as well as your own product type attribute.

Images – An image link of your product is now required.

Clothing – where relevant, clothing items should include size, colour and gender.

Data quality – Google will now be checking data for accuracy and will suspend accounts sending stale or incorrect information.

All this should mean a better user experience but it also means that more care needs to be taken with the generating and submitting data and ensuring that this is updated at least every 30 days.

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