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UK website owner have a year to act to comply with the new cookie laws even though the legislation came into force in May 2011.

The EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive comes into force on 26 May  and requires user’s consent before using cookies – the text files that help organise and store browsing information.

The ICO guidance suggests a number of different methods that can be used for obtaining user consent but encourages businesses to find the solution that works best for them.

  • pop ups or similar techniques asking for consent can be used.
  • consent can be obtained by using terms of use or terms and conditions.  In using this option consent is given by the user when they first register or sign-up.
  • preferences that users choose when visiting a website can also be used as a means of obtaining consent.

for use of analytic cookies to gather information about how people access and use a website it may be possible to add a footer or header to a webpage containing text.

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