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When web designers and SEO professionals clash

  The sometimes belligerent but well-respected SEO consultant Barry Adams from Polemic Digital often quotes this statement from a client’s Lead Developer. This neatly sums up the occasional tension between web designers and web developers and SEO professionals and marketing personnel. Everyone wants the web project to succeed but priorities are different depending on their […]

Google announces the roll out mobile-first indexing

After months of rumour and speculation, Google has officially confirmed that it is starting to roll-out mobile-first indexing. This means that it will be analysing the mobile version of a website rather than the desktop version to populate its index. The announcement was made on the 26th March 2018 on the Webmasters Central Blog: Today […]

Types of website for your business or project

It often seems that there are a bewildering number of types of website available for your business or project. Knowing some of the options helps you work out the best solution. This blog post helps you to identify what options are available, their advantages and disadvantages. When we discuss website design projects we try to […]

Can social media boost search engine ranking and SEO?

If you have a business website then it’s likely you’ll also have social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Apart from time to update and setup, social media sites are free and have the potential to generate interest in products or services if used properly. They can also be a great way to launch […]

How to launch a web redesign without losing your rankings and SEO

It’s a common problem. Your competitors are launching shiny new websites and by comparison your own website is looking a little shabby (and not in a trendy shabby chic way). Also there are various business processes that could be done better and improvements to the website would help boost productivity and save money.   So […]

Choosing your SEO company

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and choosing your SEO company wisely can help boost your business. SEO is not a simple, one size fits all process and can mean different things to different businesses and website owners. While each situation is unique, knowing a little more about SEO basics can help you become a […]

New web design – if you build it, they will not come unless you do SEO

It’s all too easy to think that once you have gone through the process of developing a new web design and website that this process alone will increase web traffic, enquiries and orders. Getting online with a new web design is merely the start of the journey and there is much work to do on […]

Website backup – why and how to do it

Imagine if your website and website files disappeared overnight. Not a nice thought and thankfully rare but that is the nightmare scenario you should consider when you evaluate the risk arising from any business interruption. That is why having a plan in place for website backup is important and you should discuss the issue with […]

Web traffic sources and how to measure what is working using Google analytics – part 1

Web traffic is, in theory, the holy grail of running a successful website. The more you get, the more likely your are to generate more enquiries or sell  more of your products or services. This blog post describes the most common sources of web traffic and how you can assess what is working and where […]

Balancing the user experience with SEO and web design

We all want our websites to rank higher on search engines, particularly Google and are frequently thinking up ways of getting higher on Google or generating more web traffic. It is worth taking some to understand Google and how it has become so successful as this helps us work out why they might rank one […]