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Google announces November 2019 local search update – advice remains the same

On the 2nd December 2019, Google announced that they had updated the Local search update. These are the links to local businesses that often appear at the top of the search engine results pages. For some businesses these are absolutely crucial. If someone is searching for a locksmith, barber or car servicing for example, then […]

What you need to know about Google core updates

Google, through their Webmaster Central Blog, have recently released some excellent advice about Google updates. They confirm what we already know:  daily, Google tweaks the algorithm in ways that may affect individual websites or have minor impacts on everyone, but are aimed at improving the user search experience. Google usually releases one or more changes […]

Web design vs SEO – common conflicts, ranking and bounce rate

This blog post combines and updates of our three part series on web design vs SEO as we think it’s more useful to put everything together on and important subject. Yes, web designers, web developers and SEO consultants will often clash. The web team is trying to meet their production deadline but SEOs are trying […]

Adding FAQs to boost your presence on search engines

Google announced in May 2019 their support for FAQ and How-to structured data on Google Search and the Google Assistant, including new reports in Search Console to monitor how your site is performing. They published a useful blog article explaining in more detail here: New in structured data: FAQ and How-to It’s very well written […]

What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that means many different things to different people, often confused with digital marketing, PPC advertising and other online promotion. The best definition we have found refers clearly to taking measures to improve the quantity and quality of website traffic. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the […]

10 key SEO ranking factors for your website

Online marketing expert Kevin Indig recently updated his blog post The 10 SEO ranking factors we know to be true. There is a lot of information around on ranking factors and their importance and the sheer number is often bewildering (between 200 and 500 depending on who you believe) but this blog does a great […]

Google’s Search Engine Optimization guide reviewed

Google has, very helpfully, issued a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is a more detailed version of the content of their excellent online training course the digital garage. The information was originally intended for internal consumption in Google; however it has made the document publicly available to help Webmasters and website owners improve their […]

Premium and free tools for checking backlinks in 2019

If you run a website then you need to be aware of backlinks to your own website and competitors. Backlinks are links to your website from other websites and sometimes called “inbound links” or “incoming links”. Backlinks can affect your website positively and negatively, boosting it on search engines but also running the risk of […]

Free SEO tools to boost your website marketing

There are several  free SEO tools now available that can be used by both SEO experts and non-specialist marketing people alike. The tools mostly enable you to analyse your website, competitors and market sector and help with the following: Improving content quality and relevance to website users. Boosting the user experience. Find errors and faults […]

Google’s latest push for quality and authority in websites through E-A-T

If you run or own a website you might have noticed some fluctuations in search engine rankings recently. Google have released yet another major update to their algorithm that boosts sites that can demonstrate quality and the following three attributes: Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. On 1st August 2018, Google confirmed that it had released a significant […]