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Avoiding phishing attacks for small businesses

Phishing attacks involve incoming messages that seek to trick the recipient into divulging private information or trick them into making a payment to the scammer’s bank account. The messages are normally by email but could be by any type of incoming messages such as online chat, text message and or redirection to a malicious web […]

Google’s latest push for quality and authority in websites through E-A-T

If you run or own a website you might have noticed some fluctuations in search engine rankings recently. Google have released yet another major update to their algorithm that boosts sites that can demonstrate quality and the following three attributes: Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. On 1st August 2018, Google confirmed that it had released a significant […]

Google’s new pay-as-you-go pricing model for the Google Maps platform

If you use embedded Google Maps on your website with features like routes, dynamic location markers and Street view then you might have experienced some issues with the maps not displaying properly. This is because you no longer have the right credentials and access setup for using embedded Google Maps. The new Google Maps Platform […]

User signals and SEO – bounce rate and CTR

User signals are measurable patterns of behaviour by your website visitors.  They can be used by Google as a ranking signal which are factors that influence where your website may be ranked in search results. Some are also available in your web traffic Google analytics data as Key Performance Indicators of how your website is […]

Web design also means engaging your visitors with interactive content

From a web design perspective, many of the world’s most visited websites (https://www.alexa.com/topsites) are rather dull. Websites such as Google, You Tube, Facebook and Amazon are not shining examples of award winning web design but they have other obvious attributes. Here is the current top ten for the UK: Google.co.uk – Enables users to search […]

Google Chrome now showing all http sites as not secure

The latest version of Google’s web browser Google Chrome is now clearly marking all http websites as ‘Not secure’ and all https websites as ‘Secure’. Google Chrome version 68 was released on 24 July 2018 and adds a very clear message for http and https websites. Here is the message for http websites: Here is […]

Google clarifies what it means by mobile first indexing for SEO

In November 2016, Google announced that it would be changing the way it indexes websites and coined a new phrase – mobile first indexing. This means that instead of using the desktop version for its index, Google will look at the mobile version of a website. It will index keywords, content and then evaluate relevance […]

Google updates its image publishing guidelines and what it means for website owners and web designers

Google has updated its image publishing guidelines and website owners and web designers should take note as Google image search can boost web traffic. Google remains a mainly text based search engine. It will continue to crawl and index the keywords on your web pages and meta-tags and that’s the core feature. However the use […]

How does URL length and structure affect SEO and rankings?

Your URL length and structure can help your website get indexed and rank high on search engines. The URL (uniform resource locator) is the browser address that people use to view your web pages. This can either be typed into a browser directly or is indexed by search engines ready to appear in search results […]

Google announces the roll out mobile-first indexing

After months of rumour and speculation, Google has officially confirmed that it is starting to roll-out mobile-first indexing. This means that it will be analysing the mobile version of a website rather than the desktop version to populate its index. The announcement was made on the 26th March 2018 on the Webmasters Central Blog: Today […]