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MPs urge Google to censor search results

A cross-party group of MPs and peers are urging the Government to introduce legislation that forces Google to censor search results that a court has found to be in breach of someone’s privacy. The committee heard evidence from ex-Formula 1 boss  Max Mosley on how he spent a large sum of money removing Internet traces […]

The twitter joke that ruined a life and makes the law look daft

Judgement has been reserved in the appeal case of Paul Chambers, the accountant that was convicted and lost two jobs because of an ill-judged but obvious joke made on Twitter. Paul Chambers was arrested in January 2010 after he vented his frustration at his cancelled flight on Twitter. “Robin Hood airport is closed,” he tweeted. […]

Pinterest – the next big social network?

The battle for supremacy amongst social networks has become a little quiet lately. Facebook still maintains its premier status, Twitter growth has slowed but is established and Google + has been likened to gym membership – we all join but rarely go! The rest like Myspace and Bebo have simply fallen away beset by technical […]

Earning £100,000 for uploading a video to YouTube or promote your business

There aren’t that many legal get rich schemes but some very lucky individuals have struck gold by simply uploading a video to YouTube. Father of two, Howard Davies-Carr, uploaded a video of his two children showing one year old Charlie nibbling his three-year old brother Harry’s finger, a squeal of pain and the now immortal […]

Downloading films and music for free is theft and pirates should be shut-down and prosecuted

If  you manage to catch any radio phone-ins on the subject of Internet piracy it’s amazing how many supposedly law abiding citizens can justify downloading copyrighted films and music for free. The issue is very much in the news at the moment with the Wikipedia blackout in protest against new US anti-piracy laws Sopa (Stop […]

Domino’s boosted as online now 40 per cent of sales

In the current climate of financial doom and gloom it’s not only great to hear about companies bucking the trend, but also attempt to analyse what they are doing to grow their business. Pizza company Domino’s delivered a strong financial performance in 2011 with like for like sales up 12% on the previous year. Profitability […]

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6, FireFox now most popular browser in Europe

Microsoft is celebrating the death of version 6 of its Internet Explorer web browser by baking a cake. As usage levels in the US drop to below 1% and that trend mirrored in UK and Europe, we can finally celebrate the end of what some have rated as the worst technology product of all time. […]

Up your Street – Google AdWords improves location targeting

Google AdWords is revamping its location targeting features to make it easier for Advertisers to concentrate on people located within a particular area or within a particular radius. Google AdWords also helps you focus your advertising by gives you the option to add, exclude or search for nearby locations. These new features make it much […]

Google backs Bletchley Park, the home of the WWII code breakers

It’s a long way from Google’s HQ in California but the Internet search giant is taking a keen interest in the preservation of Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes. During WWII, this was the centre of Britain’s operation to intercept and crack the coded messages from German high command. Their successes are thought to have shortened […]

Stricter rules for Google Product Search now being enforced

Google product search is a vital tool for all anyone selling products online. To grow your online business it’s crucial that your products are submitted regularly so they are more likely to appear when someone types a product name into Google.  Google have always  stressed the principal of quality and relevance in the websites they […]