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Responsive web design at the BBC news website

The BBC news website is a very popular information source regulalrly achieving top ranking in the UK and abroad. To maintain this appeal, the BBC has recognised that they need to cater for different devices. They have made their news site responsive so it adapts to different devices and created specific apps that people can […]

Growth in tablet PC use should prompt web design review

Recent trends of falling PC sales and rising use of tablet for e-commerce should prompt website owners to review how their website displays for different devices. UK retail sales of goods and services via mobile devices are expected to more than double this year to £8.17 billion, accounting for 18% of total UK retail e-commerce […]

How small business owners perceive SEO

A recent survey by Richman – SEO training in London and CINT surveyed 500 small businesses 500 UK business owners (with fewer than 100 employees) to find out what they understand and feel about [tooltip title=”The process of setting up and promoting your website so you improve its rank in search engine results pages for […]

Turn your £25 into £100 with Google AdWords

We have in our hot little hands 20 Google AdWords vouchers where new accounts* spending £25 will get a £75 credit courtesy of Google. For the right business or marketing campaign, Google AdWords can be a very cost-effective way of advertising your business. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert and have control […]

The case for responsive web design strengthened by fall in PC sales

Global shipments of personal computers (PCs) have hit a five-year low, according to new figures from the research firm Gartner. This should make all website owners seriously think how their website displays on multiple devices and what action they are going to take to ensure they aren’t missing opportunities. PC sales have now fallen for […]

Google still dominates search engine market share in the UK

Despite recent marketing campaigns by its main rivals Bing and Yahoo, Google remains the dominant search engine in the UK with about 90% of the market. Although there has been a very slight fall in the year, it is still the main way people find services and products, so you should ensure your website has […]

Latest web design – Avonvale funeral services

Our latest web design Avonvale Funeral Services needed a lot of sensitivity in terms of the design, copy and images. Although there can be a surprising amount of levity around funerals, our approach was to create an elegant, easy to use website that provides clear guidance on what what to do and who to contact. […]

Try Google Adwords and get £100 free or up to £200 to match your first month’s spend

Google AdWords has been around a long time and, in our view, is one of most cost-effective ways of advertising your business. Using the features it offers and the data it provides you have levels of spending control and targeting that few other channels can offer. This level of control allows the account manager to […]

With great freedom, comes great responsibility

Despite the best efforts of the US and UK governments, the English speaking world has reasonable levels of freedom of speech. Usually we can criticise the authorities without fear of being carted off to the local Gulag, and, although we know some monitoring does take place, our web activity is free from interference unless it […]

The business of prediction and what to believe in social networking and SEO

Read the business pages or go to a networking meeting and you’re bound to find someone telling you about the latest trend in social networking or SEO. “Oh, you simply must add a profile on the latest “Faced In +”, They gush, “or you’ll be missing out on valuable business and by the way our […]