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If an SEO company makes just one of these claims, don’t use them

If you have a business with even a half decent web presence you’ll no doubt be regularly assailed by companies offering SEO (search engine optimisation) services that they claim will transform your business, boosting your web traffic and generating enquiries and sales. While many will happily take your money and never deliver on their claims, […]

The business of prediction and what to believe in social networking and SEO

Read the business pages or go to a networking meeting and you’re bound to find someone telling you about the latest trend in social networking or SEO. “Oh, you simply must add a profile on the latest “Faced In +”, They gush, “or you’ll be missing out on valuable business and by the way our […]

Google’s latest ‘Penguin’ update will affect all web designers and website owners

Google have released the latest development in their algorithm that automatically decides where a website ranks in search engine results. Called the Penguin 2.0 update, this will have a major impact on website owners, web designers and SEO (search engine optimisation) consultants. Chief Google Engineer Matt Cutts said “It’s gonna have a pretty big impact […]

Why responsive web design is the best option for your website

The use of smartphones and tablet PC’s has expanded rapidly in recent years. More and more people are using these devices to view websites so you need to have a plan of action on how to cater for this type of potential customer. There are three options available: #1: Do nothing Most people using mobile […]

Spend £25 and get £75 credit on Google AdWords offer closing on 31 March 2013

We have a fantastic special offer closing on 31 March 2013, where a spend of £25 gets an extra £75 of credit on Google AdWords advertising. As a member of the Google Engage programme we can provide expert advice: researching the best keywords, setting up your account and showing you how to manage your advertising. […]

Presentation from FSB meeting on Friday 25 January 2013, Using the web to grow your business

Here’s the link to the presentation by Dinesh Fernando at the FSB Breakfast meeting in Rugby on Friday 25 January 2013. Using the web to grow your business This was a short ten minute presentation on the options available for using the web to promote a small to medium sized business.

Support desk call scam

Some of our clients have been contacted recently by a company purporting to represent Microsoft and claiming that their computer has downloaded a virus which is broadcasting your personal information online. The company is aiming to sell its security software which will, they claim, remove this security risk. Although the call is clearly a scam, […]

Google’s Panda update and why it affects your website and web design

Without too much of a fanfare, Google has been quietly changing the way it decides which websites to boost and demote on its results pages. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites” and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results This lead to an initial surge in […]

LinkedIn users should change their passwords

Business social networking website Linked In has admitted that six million user passwords have been posted on a Russian hacker’s web forum. It is recommends that users should should change their passwords today, even if they changed them yesterday after initial reports. To change your password log in to Linked In, click on your name […]

Web meetings now a practical option

In the current febrile atmosphere of possible fuel shortages, it’s worth exploring the alternatives to face-to-face meetings. Most households and businesses have access to broadband which means that web conferencing is a viable option for replacing visits to clients, support calls or training sessions. Web conferencing, webinars or online meetings allow a number of people […]