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Do generic Top Level Domains like .guru, .baby boost search engine rankings?

When you buy a domain name you will be tempted with many alternatives to the conventional TLD (top level domain or domain extensions) or choice such as .com, .co.uk. These so-called generic Top Level Domains, gTLD, now include all manner of weird and wonderful additions such as .guru, .building, .singles etc and the range and […]

5 common SEO mistakes when redoing your web design

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to commit to a new web design, there are some important considerations to make sure that your shiny new web design initially maintains and then boosts your ranking on search engines. That has to be the ultimate aim of any website redevelopment. Here are 5 common errors […]

Your business, your domain name and your web hosting

In the last few months we have had to help out some business owners on issues with their domain names and web hosting. In some cases they had relied on a ‘friend’ or acquaintance buying a domain on their behalf and then either losing touch or actively falling out with the person. This left them […]

Domain name for sale – copperscrap.co.uk

We have a domain name for sale that may be of interest to the right business: http://www.copperscrap.co.uk/ Please get in touch with us if you have any questions using our contact form.

Domain name disputes hit record high

As consumers increase their use of online shopping sites, the number of domain disputes is expected to rise with major brands seeking to prevent unrelated companies registering domains that infringe intellectual property. In one current case, Gucci is insisting that it, rather than an anonymous e-commerce company, should have control of the guccishoponline.org domain name. […]

Web design starter package special offer – free domain and hosting

We’re delighted to launch our new offer of one free domain and first year’s hosting for all new web design orders. Get up and running the right way with our website design starter package which includes the following:   FREE domain and hosting for year 1 UNLIMITED pages Forums, galleries & blogs UNLIMITED updates E-commerce […]

Web Growth new website is launched

The smell of virtual paint still lingers a little and there’s a bit more to add but we’re now happy for you to take a quick look round our new website. As well as the usual information about our services we’ll shortly be launching our full blown domain name and hosting service where you can […]

Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain is a very important business decision so here is some advice on making the best choice: 1. The domain name should include or be your business name Sounds obvious but the domain should be as close as possible to your business name otherwise you risk confusing your customers. Failing that, the domain […]