Correlation and Causation in SEO

This blog post looks at correlation and causation in SEO (search engine optimisation). There is a huge amount of data available for your website performance and a lot of advice out there on how to improve your website traffic and rankings. First of all let’s not be under any illusions. There are no magic formulas […]


All http pages to be marked as not secure as Google gets serious about https / SSL on websites

In the last couple of years, Google has recently been gently encouraging website owners and web developers to move their websites to https. This encrypts any information sent by users so it can’t be read by third parties or hackers. This is particularly important when a user logs in or supplies sensitive financial information such […]


Technical SEO tip: How to use CSS to swap images for mobile and desktop users

There’s no doubt that mobile Internet has grown to the point where the number of users now exceeds those using other devices worldwide. The crossover point happened in about October 2016. Reference: In the UK and other more mature markets, mobile Internet has increased but Desktop users are still the largest single user group […]