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Why Facebook pages are no substitute for your own domain name and website

Facebook is all over the news at the moment. In an investigation by The Guardian and Observer, the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica has been using Facebook quizzes and to harvest the profiles and personal data of 50 million people without their permission or knowledge. The data was then used to target messaging for various […]

Correlation and Causation in SEO

This blog post looks at correlation and causation in SEO (search engine optimisation). There is a huge amount of data available for your website performance and a lot of advice out there on how to improve your website traffic and rankings. First of all let’s not be under any illusions. There are no magic formulas […]

Migrating a WordPress website to https / SSL – a guide

Last month Google announced that it would be marking all non https / SSL pages as insecure from July 2018: “Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”. This means that any sites not running https will be marked with a security warning. Even […]

All http pages to be marked as not secure as Google gets serious about https / SSL on websites

In the last couple of years, Google has recently been gently encouraging website owners and web developers to move their websites to https. This encrypts any information sent by users so it can’t be read by third parties or hackers. This is particularly important when a user logs in or supplies sensitive financial information such […]

Free tools for editing and optimising images for web and social media that aren’t photoshop

In this blog post we cover tools for editing and optimising images. It’s a very useful skill to be able to edit and optimise images for your website and social media. This is becoming as important as being able to use a word processor or spreadsheet programs. Images help your website and social media engage […]

Technical SEO tip: How to use CSS to swap images for mobile and desktop users

There’s no doubt that mobile Internet has grown to the point where the number of users now exceeds those using other devices worldwide. The crossover point happened in about October 2016. Reference: http://gs.statcounter.com/press/mobile-and-tablet-internet-usage-exceeds-desktop-for-first-time-worldwide In the UK and other more mature markets, mobile Internet has increased but Desktop users are still the largest single user group […]

Website detox for your digital presence – the detox that works

At this time of year, over-indulgence in the holiday season can often lead to a nagging feeling of needing to take things a little easier in January. People might start diets, new exercise regimes or do that largely debunked exercise of body detox. Detox for the body often involves eating very simple food or fasting […]

How to optimise a single web page for SEO to boost rankings and traffic

We often get asked how to optimise a web page for SEO (search engine optimisation). If they are clients then we do this for them or we can train staff to do it themselves (see our 1-2-1 training course on SEO). It’s easy to talk in general terms about optimising a web page. It’s also […]

Why and how you should keep up with WordPress version updates

Keeping up with your WordPress version updates is important, however do it with caution. WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System that powers 25% of the most popular websites (WordPress powers 25% of the world’s top websites) and has nearly 60% of market share of all websites. We use WordPress for many client […]

Five e-commerce web design trends for 2018

The relationship between E-commerce and web design is often awkward. From the early days of Amazon, where the term ‘web design’ was at best loosely applied to the most basic of layouts to the over-designed insanity of ill-fated boo.com (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boo.com), e-commerce web design has always struggled to get the credit it deserves. The only key […]