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What email options are available for business and other important email accounts?

If you buy one of our entry level web hosting packages then these will come with a number of branded email accounts. This means that you can ditch those unprofessional looking free gmail or yahoo  accounts for use in your small business or start-up. We can set you up with a standard email account email […]

Web design vs SEO – common conflicts, ranking and bounce rate

This blog post combines and updates of our three part series on web design vs SEO as we think it’s more useful to put everything together on and important subject. Yes, web designers, web developers and SEO consultants will often clash. The web team is trying to meet their production deadline but SEOs are trying […]

Adding FAQs to boost your presence on search engines

Google announced in May 2019 their support for FAQ and How-to structured data on Google Search and the Google Assistant, including new reports in Search Console to monitor how your site is performing. They published a useful blog article explaining in more detail here: New in structured data: FAQ and How-to It’s very well written […]

What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that means many different things to different people, often confused with digital marketing, PPC advertising and other online promotion. The best definition we have found refers clearly to taking measures to improve the quantity and quality of website traffic. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the […]

Desktop still preferred for important web tasks

While mobile internet usage has grown, desktop and larger devices are still preferred for important tasks on the web according to research by the Nielsen Norman Group (Large Devices Preferred for Important Tasks). Despite substantial improvements in mobile UX over the past decade, people still tend to do their most important online activities on larger […]

10 key SEO ranking factors for your website

Online marketing expert Kevin Indig recently updated his blog post The 10 SEO ranking factors we know to be true. There is a lot of information around on ranking factors and their importance and the sheer number is often bewildering (between 200 and 500 depending on who you believe) but this blog does a great […]

When web designers and SEO professionals clash

  The sometimes belligerent but well-respected SEO consultant Barry Adams from Polemic Digital often quotes this statement from a client’s Lead Developer. This neatly sums up the occasional tension between web designers and web developers and SEO professionals and marketing personnel. Everyone wants the web project to succeed but priorities are different depending on their […]

Elaboration or minimalism in web design – what’s next for website design

Your web design is primarily for your website users, but you also need to make sure that search engine bots can find their way around it. Others are entitled to their opinions such as senior company personnel, PR and marketing departments etc, but it’s the user experience that trumps everything. The role of web design […]

Web design news digest: June 2019

Here’s some recent news on web design. Web Design Company, Huemor, Shares Tips for Creating a Converting Product Page Web design company Huemor has gathered the following four tips to consider when creating a product page that converts: Videos or photo galleries, 360° Views of Products, Descriptions and alt text descriptions, Test your product pages. […]

What to tell us when you ask for a web design quote

When people ask for a web design quote we are naturally pleased they have considered us as an option to design, code and host their website. When we get an enquiry, we don’t expect to get a lot of detail straight away. There are often commercial sensitivities and we pledge to treat each enquiry with […]